OOTD – Reversible Sateen Topshop Bomber Jacket

Face Pic 6 - Topshop Bomber

Recently I  have been pining over the perfect bomber jacket. This style of jacket is another trend that has re-emerged from the 90’s, and I love the oriental inspired design.

After searching for a very long time I came across this lovely reversible number in Topshop. However, as a student dipping her toes into an overdraft I couldn’t justify spending £85 on a jacket at that time. Yet, then came my 21st Birthday and with that came a very generous cheque from my nan.

The jacket was finally mine! *read in evil muhaha voice and visualise the Mr.Burns hands gif*

Also did I mention its REVERSIBLE?!

That’s two beautiful jackets in one! And it’s surprisingly warm, which is a good thing for this unpredictable British summer time.

Whilst in Topshop my inner magpie was released and I may have scooped up a pair of silver metallic skaters, because you know, why not?!

Asos also sent me a £50 voucher in the post, *I doth my imaginary top hat in thanks Asos* and I picked up this slip dress from a brand called Reclaimed Vintage for only £11! It’s such a beautiful and simple dress, and the pleats at the bottom are very sweet. Having said that, to wear this dress without a t-shirt underneath causes the dress to take on a whole different persona, and would require a whole lot of tit tape. I’m totally up for the challenge though…

Face Pic 5 - Topshop BomberFace Pic 1 - Topshop Oriental Bomber IMG_6538 Face Pic 10 - Topshop Bomberface pic 11 - Topshop Bomber  IMG_6540  IMG_6554 IMG_6591 IMG_6596 IMG_6599 IMG_6602   Face Pic 4 - Topshop Bomber IMG_6718

Jacket – Topshop

White Tee – Topshop

Dress – Asos 

Bag – Prada

Shoes – Topshop 

I really love this outfit from head to toe and think I’m going to be wearing it a lot this Summer. I just need to decide if I’m feeling black or blue, let me know if you have a favourite in the comments below!


P.S. Can we all appreciate how much I look like I’m a weirdo trying to sell you my many dodgy watches from the inside lining of my coat. Hahaha

Face pic 2 - Topshop Bomber


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