OOTD – Asos Red Chiffon Pleated Skirt

OOTD – Asos Red Chiffon Pleated Skirt

Whilst wearing this outfit I feel like a living embodiment of the red flamenco dancer emoji. Although I’m not going to lie I seem to have a resting bitch face on the entirety of these photos. But we can move past that right?

A couple of months a go I was looking for a perfect parisian inspired outfit for my 21st birthday party and I found this red chiffon pleated skirt on Asos! What I love so much about it, is simply how much material there is. Seriously this skirt could go on and on! When I twirl I feel like a princess – because who the hell doesn’t twirl on their 21st birthday. And speaking of birthday I cant write this without recognising my ¬† bloated birthday belly I have going on. Because yes I and my party guests managed to work our way through one whole wheel of brie, 16 bottles of prossecco 11 french sticks, and 100 macaroons! (Although admittedly most of the macaroons were down to me).

Back to the outfit. I decided to pair the skirt with a blue mens shirt, mainly because I was still on a birthday high, and having seen a similar outfit on Man Repeller I thought I too could seamlessly work this messy off one shoulder shirt look-kinda. On reflection I would style the shirt so it was a little bit more dramatic, and I wouldn’t wear that shade of lipstick. However, at the time I felt pretty cool. And thats what fashion is about isn’t it? Dressing to feel good, and having fun in the process. Well it is to me anyway.

Asos Bardot Top Pic 1 Asos Bardot Top Pic 2 Asos Bardot Top Pic 3 Asos Bardot Top Pic 5 Asos pleated skirt pic 1 IMG_7365 IMG_7384 IMG_7385 IMG_7417 IMG_7432

Shirt – Jaeger (Similar Found Here)


Sandals – Zara (Similar Found Here)


Apologies for this being a slightly more chatty blog, but I have to run and see the fireworks by the beach. I have had a bit of a lifestyle change and I have found myself back in Falmouth. But more on that later.

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