So we are now onto London Fashion Week Day Two  (eventually!)

This day, was one of the best days of my life. Dramatic I know, but stay with me here. So it was scheduled to be another busy day at Fashion Scout HQ a.k.a Freemasons Hall and I had arrived at 9am with my hot chocolate Milano in hand, and my partner in crime Alex to my right. I had already been tweeting on the tube with the little free wi-fi that I could get between stops, and was ready to start the day – especially because the first show of the day was my favourite designer EDDAQuiz Clothing

Then as the day progresses the social media team had been briefed that we were to get more video content, so we were on the look out to get some interesting guests talking about how they were enjoying their time visiting our shows. The first guest we happened to come across was Gemma Metherington, the current creative director of Next, who just happened to be receiving one of the luxury hand treatments at the Crabtree&Evelyn pop up store.

Then I made a point of visiting Edda’s showcase, which I knew would be amazing, and on walking in there I was able to chat with two infamous Vogue dignitaries; Sara Maino (Senior Fashion Editor, Vogue Italia) and Sarah Mower (Vogue.com’s chief critic). Both of whom were lovely to talk to and were very generous with their time. It seems I wasn’t the only fan of Edda’s creations, especially as she is currently the front page of Vogue Italia’s website. It is genuinely so great to see good people get the success they deserve.

And the interviews just kept coming, but this one had me pacing a little. I was given less that five minutes to prepare to interview JIMMY CHOO – yes you read that correctly – JIMMY BLOODY EFFING CHOO. Should I call him Mr Choo? is Jimmy to casual? What the hell do I ask him that he hasn’t already heard?! All of these thoughts were racing round my head a million miles per minute, until ultimately I was stood in front of the co founder of arguably one of the biggest women’s shoe brands in the world…(a very deep breath)…and it was gone in a flash. He thanked me for my time, shook me by the hand, and wished me a good evening. He was one of the most humble people I have ever met, and made me love him even more.

As you can imagine I was on cloud nine for the rest of that evening, I felt like going up to strangers and letting them know of my latest achievement – although it turns out not everyone on the tube home at 10pm wishes to know – ignorant people. Anyway as you can imagine that day was pretty spectacular, and I will stop talking about it for now.

Jimmy choo interviewQuiz Clothing Quiz Clothing Quiz Clothing Quiz Clothing Quiz Clothing Quiz Clothing Quiz Clothing Quiz Clothing Quiz Clothing

Top – Topshop 

Culottes – Quiz

Shoes – Missguided

Once again I was able to sport some Quiz Clothing gear to stay looking my best. So shout out to them for helping me keep my cool knowing my outfit was all good even though I was losing my mind over the concept that I was about to interview JIMMY CHOO! (okay that was the last time I will mention it I swear)

Stay tuned, LFW days three, four, and five to follow!



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