OOTD- Asos Coat

OOTD- Asos Coat

Today ladies and gentlemen I present an outfit entirely in black. With special guest appearances from Asos, Wild Pony, Topshop, and River Island. Everyone loves a monochrome outfit.

One of the most difficult things about this weather is dressing appropriately – lets be honest, its not really that cold. Christmas Day is predicted to be 15c for goodness sake! But because I was expecting a rather cold front, I was in the market for a new coat.

Earlier this year I freelanced for Graduate Fashion Week, and attended an event at the Houses of Parliament. And subsequently Asos willingly gifted me some items to wear, including this coat! I have now become obsessed with this coat. Although you wouldn’t believe it from these photos because the majority of the time its not in shot. This is because I’m a very warm blooded individual and I was too hot, and is in no way a reflection on the coat itself. It’s mainly black with speckles of blue and white in it, and the shape is great in that its an oversized boyfriend style. (For a single gal I’m somewhat obsessed with wearing masculine clothes – maybe this isn’t a coincidence – hmmm)

Another masculine item in my wardrobe that I have been loving is this mens black corduroy shirt, its got the 90’s written all over it. I love it! Especially when paired with my Topshop Jamie jeans, these weren’t  originally ripped, however after ripping them at the knee by accident, I just got a little bit over excited with the scissors. And of course I couldn’t not feature a trend that seems to be sweeping the nation, thigh-high boots. I swear every other picture on my Instagram feed at the moment is someone in thigh-high boots. Don’t get me wrong I love how the boots look and even the way they make me feel. However, I’m in need for some difference. Anyway, it’s christmas eve eve, and I’m ranting away. I hope you like these moody pics as much as I do!

img_1948  img_1979 img_2011     asos-pic-7 asos-pic-9

asos-pic-4 asos-pic-5 asos-pic-6 asos-pic-8

Coat – Asos

Shirt – Wild Pony 

Jeans – Topshop

Boots – River Island

P.S. Yes we are pretending that these grainy and moody pics were meant to turn out like this to match the aesthetic and not that it was just because it gets dark so early these days!



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