5 Self Care tips to combat those January Blues.

Quick Note: Self care is so important to our general health and well being, so don’t ever feel guilty for administering a good dollop of self TLC, ever

January is the month of new beginnings, or so Twitter, Instagram and Facebook tell us.

I’m guessing I’m not the only one who has their social media feeds flooded with #newyearnewme uploads. In fact I tweeted my own #newyearnewme message earlier this week. Be sure to follow me on twitter to stay up to date with my sarcastic snippets throughout 2017.

new years resolution

And I’m sure I cant be the only one who is experiencing those infamous January blues. January can be the month for refocusing your goals and aims however, it can also be the biggest anticlimax after Christmas.

january blues

So if you’re struggling to keep up the positivity right now, first of all be sure in the knowledge that you are not the only one. There are also things that you can do to help you feel that bit better. One of the things that we all spend December doing is giving. We spend the month taking care of our loved ones, which is great. However, why is it that we feel guilty in wanting to do the same for ourselves. We so often associate this with self indulgence or selfishness, but I assure you it is not.

To help get you started I have listed my top 5 Self Care tips to combat those January Blues;

  1. Get a haircut – it may seem stupid however, whenever I experience a scary, sad, or overly emotional time I will always get a haircut. In fact I could probably document big life events by my changing hairstyle.
  2. Make to do lists – their are times in our life when we often associate sadness with loss of control. So I challenge you to take the reigns again. Get out pen and paper, what is it you really want to do. Make lists, prioritise them, number them, buy out the entire stationary section of WHSmiths if you need to. Let’s be honest retail therapy helps everything.
  3. Exercise – Now anyone who knows me knows I’m no gym bunny. But even I cant deny the science behind raising your heart rate a little and the after effects. I’m not saying you have to do 100 burpees, but get up out of bed, put on your comfiest hoody and go for a walk. If you feeling up for it go for a run. You will feel better, I promise.
  4. Take a shower – To be blunt, if you’re not feeling to great the likelihood is you have probably spent an extended amount of time in bed, or at least the same clothes. Now your friends/family/housemates might not tell you, but I will. YOU SMELL REAL BAD. Take a shower, not only will you smell better, but ¬†having a shower can also be a little therapeutic, use your special shower wash you got for christmas, put on a playlist and chill.
  5. Eat – This may seem obvious to some, however we all need a little reminder from time to time. Eating is necessary for survival. You may not be up to cooking up a storm in the kitchen, and I don’t blame you. But take a little bit of time to think about what your putting in your mouth. If you put in crap likelihood you will feel like crap, but spend a bit of time you feed yourself with some much needed nutrients and you will feel much better for it. Whilst many of us joke about it the term #Hangry is real people.

I hope you cant take at least one of these tips away to help you feel that bit better. It also goes without saying that you can only do all the above if you want to feel better. Sometimes we just need a day to watch sad movies, ignore the world and cry. Also should you have any tips of your own to combat those January blues, then be sure to leave them in the comments below.


January blues

P.S. Should you want to get some more self help tips I have found both this video and this blog post to be really helpful.


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