On Wednesday 26 January, I had the pleasure of meeting with the fashion designer that most editors of the world’s top magazines would give their entire wardrobes to meet with, Victoria Beckham OBE. (A little bit of back story) I have worked with Graduate Fashion Week many times before however, I was shocked when they asked me if I would be able to interview Victoria Beckham. In fact I was more… View Post

Ahhh January. The month where everyone is broke, and attempting that new diet and exercise regime. January is also the month where I struggle to stay away from the sales, and I know I’m not the only one. And I feel that I have done a pretty good job. Having said that, the one place I forgot to restrain myself was whilst in Whistles. Although can you blame me? Whistles has… View Post

Today ladies and gentlemen I present an outfit entirely in black. With special guest appearances from Asos, Wild Pony, Topshop, and River Island. Everyone loves a monochrome outfit. One of the most difficult things about this weather is dressing appropriately – lets be honest, its not really that cold. Christmas Day is predicted to be 15c for goodness sake! But because I was expecting a rather cold front, I was in… View Post

How is it already the 10th December? Seriously I’m really struggling to get my head around this. It feels like yesterday that I graduated. Alas it was actually mid August and I have been working and attempting to function as an adult for the last 4 months. There are definitely pro’s and con’s of being an ‘adult’. But I won’t go into them now, thats another place and another time.… View Post

I can’t believe its December already. Nor can I believe that less than two weeks ago I was able to wear a sleeveless jumpsuit. However it is December, and its less than twenty five days till Christmas!!! Ahh I mentioned the C-Word, christmas, christmas, christmas. I’m also aware that I haven’t uploaded an outfit post in a very long time. This one is a favourite of mine. I recently picked… View Post