How is it already the 10th December? Seriously I’m really struggling to get my head around this. It feels like yesterday that I graduated. Alas it was actually mid August and I have been working and attempting to function as an adult for the last 4 months. There are definitely pro’s and con’s of being an ‘adult’. But I won’t go into them now, thats another place and another time.… View Post

I can’t believe its December already. Nor can I believe that less than two weeks ago I was able to wear a sleeveless jumpsuit. However it is December, and its less than twenty five days till Christmas!!! Ahh I mentioned the C-Word, christmas, christmas, christmas. I’m also aware that I haven’t uploaded an outfit post in a very long time. This one is a favourite of mine. I recently picked… View Post

This is it, LFW Day Five. The final outfit post. During LFW, I spent my time being social media manager at Fashion Scout. Every season I sincerely enjoy my time with the Fashion Scout team. Although admittedly, this is the first time I finished the week and I wasn’t bed bound with an illness for the consecutive week. Go me and my immune system! Having said that you can definitely… View Post

Would you believe it has been over 8 weeks since London Fashion Week? I can’t. It also demonstrates how bad I have been with my blogging. ┬áSo much has happened since then. I have a new flat, and I have since visited London again for an event in collaboration with Graduate Fashion Week and UK Fashion and Textile Organisation. More to come about this, who knows I may write a… View Post

Can you believe it I actually uploaded LFW Day Three?! I know I’m as shocked as you are. If you know me you will know that I can’t handle heat to well, and London at the time was well over 25C, I know thats hard to believe right now, even I’m struggling – especially as I’m currently writing this snuggled up in my duvet and jumper. Because of this sudden… View Post