So we are now onto London Fashion Week Day Two  (eventually!) This day, was one of the best days of my life. Dramatic I know, but stay with me here. So it was scheduled to be another busy day at Fashion Scout HQ a.k.a Freemasons Hall and I had arrived at 9am with my hot chocolate Milano in hand, and my partner in crime Alex to my right. I had… View Post

I worked during LFW again! So I know this is really late and even Paris Fashion Week is now over, however London Fashion Week took it out of me as it always does. In fact this is the first season that I haven’t become ill. I had such an amazing time this year and had so many amazing opportunities, but more of that later. For now I just thought I’d… View Post

It’s officially September, and whilst I am saddened that the nights are drawing in and the idea of topping up that tan is a dream that I probably won’t see materialize now till 2017. I am actually very excited for the upcoming season. It’s no secret that I am a lover of all things autumn, and I’m so excited that it’s just round the corner. So as a nod to… View Post

Whilst wearing this outfit I feel like a living embodiment of the red flamenco dancer emoji. Although I’m not going to lie I seem to have a resting bitch face on the entirety of these photos. But we can move past that right? A couple of months a go I was looking for a perfect parisian inspired outfit for my 21st birthday party and I found this red chiffon pleated… View Post