so it seems no one else seems to share my dream-like fantasy of wanting to be a skinny, attractive russian lady on top of a mountain whilst wearing as much faux fur as possible….this is the best the internet could come up with ??!!  Somehow i didn’t quite imagine it quite like that :S ohhh dear…

….so the weather has now decided to suddenly be the ever annoying demon and make it rather chilly. But don’t fear for the fashion God’s have only gone and come up with a solution; for me to agree to my fathers unruly terms, of wearing a hat outside at all times and to still keep my fashion head about me 😉I found this little beauty in River Island for £20… View Post

so…..i have wanted to upload loads of pictures of my favourites outfits of the week, yet i have been so busy. So i am trying to work out a happy marriage of the two, like if you will trying to find a healthy balance between my love for chocolate and my love for how great size 8 skinny jeans look on!! HAHA so yes i do need to keep up… View Post

soo….. i have been thinking about starting my own blog for a few months now, and decided i should just go for it. Im not quite sure which winding avenue this is going to take me on yet, but i am sure it will be an adventure. I do have an feeling however that it will be inundated with regular fashion comments from moi, and of course quotes from the… View Post